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Bellevue Renaissance Seeks Artists and Vendors for Spring Show

Bellevue Renaissance is seeking plant and garden-loving vendors and artists to particpate in Bellevue Blossoms, a spring celebration of gardening and flowers, on Saturday, May 16. The event is a great opportunity for artists and businesses to sell, market, and build an audience as they help make the world a bit more beautiful and environmentally friendly, according to event organizers. The show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and takes place on Fairfield Avenue.

Garden clubs, farmers, artists, craftspeople, landscapers, environmentalists, container growers, designers and anyone else who uses flowers, vegetables, gardens or yards as a canvas is invited to participate.

To access an application online, visit and click on the Third Saturday Celebration - Bellevue Blossoms slide. You can also request an application by contacting Jody Robinson at the City of Bellevue at 859-292-4220 or [email protected]. The vendor fee is $25.

- Staff report/Photo: Fairfield Avenue (via Shop Bellevue)

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