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Reports of Nude Models Being Photographed in River Cities

This story has been updated after an interview with the photographer.

A nude model was spotted being photographed on Main Street in Covington on Wednesday afternoon.

"Literally, a woman asked a (construction) worker for his hard hat and slow sign, then dropped her entire dress and a man photographed her. Naked. On Main by Zola," a witness told The River City News.

A couple hours later, a call came over the police scanner that a business owner phoned in a complaint about a nude model being photographed outside his shop. Campbell County dispatch confirmed to The River City News that the call came from the 800 block of York Street in Newport.

Earlier this week, WCPO reported on the arrival of famed nude photographer Harvey Drouillard, a Michigan-based artist who travels for the purpose of shooting people in the nude, outside. He is currently in Cincinnati. "Cincinnati, you ready?," his website currently reads.

His highest profile work was on Opening Day this week and WCPO has a photo gallery (with, yes, nudes). Perhaps Drouillard is still in town and has taken his work to the south side of the Ohio River?

The River City News spoke with Drouillard on Wednesday evening and the photographer confirmed that he is doing work in the Northern Kentucky River Cities, too, and will be through Monday. In fact, he is currently based out of Goodfellas Pizzeria in Mainstrasse Village. Owner Alex Coats was instrumental in bringing Drouillard to town.

Drouillard is enjoying his visit to Kentucky. "The construction worker thing - that was sublime," he said. "I said, 'Look at that guy over there, maybe we can get -- and he said, no, my supervisor is watching. I asked the supervisor if (the model) could hold the hat for two seconds, he gave the thumbs up." Drouillard said that he paid the worker $10 for the time.

"It's been an amazing reception. I don't know if I could have imagined a better scenario," the photographer said. "I keep comparing it to when I started doing it in Ann Arbor (Michigan) and was welcomed with open arms. No one had heard of me here. Once they research, they go, whoa, he's been doing this a while. It's really interesting to me because everyone is being so nice and accommodating."

"People just want the buzz going on the metro area of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Everybody is poised for the explosion that is going to happen here. It's the first time I've set foot here. It reminds me of Seattle. Every street is beautiful."

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-Staff report