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Vacant Bank Property Lowers Listing Price & Other Notes from Ludlow

The Ludlow City Council was paid a visit by Kentucky State Senator Chris McDaniel, who is making the rounds at local government meetings in his district to recap the General Assembly session. Like he did the previous night at the Taylor Mill City Commission meeting, McDaniel talked the most about the heroin crises that has gripped the region.

Ludlow City Councilman Josh Boone asked Sen. McDaniel about House Bill 443 concerning public-private partnerships that could have led to the use of tolls to fund the estimated $2.6 billion Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project. McDaniel said that since the funding is ultimately decided by the state's executive branch, a large voter turn out in this November's gubernatorial race is important for the project's direction. The Taylor Mill Republican is lieutenant governor candidate on a ticket with Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.

“Ultimately, the Senate will see the budget for about six days while the governor will have three to four months,” McDaniel said. “The maintenance on that bridge has been ignored for quite a long time and one of the things I will fight for in the next session is maintenance money on the bridge.”

Other notes:

Mayor Ken Wynn said that Huntington Bank has dropped their listing price for the property that has been vacant since January. Mayor Wynn said the new listing price is $259,000 for the property.

Ludlow City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain said that an ad has been posted for the vacancy of Police Chief. The position has been open since former chief Steve Jarvis abruptly resigned last December.

The City of Ludlow is part of a five-city group that intends to combine on a joint bid for a new contract pertaining to the cities' waste-hauling management. Ludlow, Edgewood, Taylor Mill, Elsmere and Villa Hills are the five cities belonging to the group. By combining, the various cities hope to improve the bids by they receive for waste-hauling by increasing their overall numbers.

The City proclaimed that the month of April officially become Building Safety Month in Ludlow. Mayor Wynn said that the Planning and Development Services of Northern Kentucky recommended that all the local cities designate April as Building Safety Month.

City Attorney Jeff Otis gave a first reading to the new annual budget set forth for the fiscal year of 2015-16. The budget reflects total city revenues at $3,437,638 while total expenses will equal $3,386,089. A second reading and a vote to approve the budget will take place during next month's business meeting.

There was also a first reading of a text amendment that would remove antiquated language requiring only Ludlow residents to display a city-issued parking sticker on their vehicle as opposed to all vehicles in the city, including guests and shoppers. In previous meetings, city officials have discussed scrapping the program all together as it has become a strain on city resources to enforce.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor