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Renaissance Covington Manager, OTR Business Owner Co-Author Book on Walking in the City

Walking Cincinnati is a walking guide of more than 30 of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's favorite communities. Authors Danny Korman and Katie Meyer celebrated their book release with a walk from Park + Vine in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati to Roebling Point Books and Coffee in Covington.

Korman, owner of Park + Vine, and Meyer, manager of Renaissance Covington, created a work that takes readers through the region's renowned historical, architectural, and culinary sites and is described as a must for inquisitive urban adventurers.

“We had 32 people walk with us today,” said co-author Katie Meyer. “Quite an age mix, which was cool and unexpected.”

The book was published by Keen Communications, based in Covington and costs $18.95 per copy. The project took two years of research, writing and working with neighborhood groups and experts to capture the magic of living and working and walking throughout the area. There are nine Northern Kentucky walks featured in the book.

“I think the fact that the publishing company is based in Covington is one reason it was important to include this side of the river, but also a lot of the historic neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky are beautiful assets to the region and should be celebrated just the same,” Meyer, a Covington native, said.

The weather cooperated nicely on what had been a rather stormy week to facilitate the walk and dozens of people made the trek across the river where Korman and Meyer signed copies of the book and thanked supporters and friends.

“Couldn't have asked for better weather. We stopped about every block and talked about every other plaque along the way," Meyer said. “We talked about murals, historic buildings, some of the street design, the street car. It was exciting to go across the bridge and see the Reds stadium all filled up.”

The pair enjoyed putting together the book, but Meyer said her favorite part of the process was discovering even more details of the place she grew up in.

“Even if you have lived here your whole life, there is still so much that you have not seen or have not uncovered. If there is not a reason to go to a particular neighborhood, often times people get into their patterns and being sort of forced to go out and explore a new neighborhood is very cool,” Meyer said. “There is actually a lot more in the region in terms of cool neighborhoods, public spaces, art and things like that, that even I didn't know about.”

Korman said that the sales on the launch party were very strong with only a few copies remaining on the first day and that some people were purchasing them with an eye on the holidays.

“One woman bought nine copies that she is going to give as gifts,” Korman said.

The book is 270 pages long and Meyer said that there were difficult moments in the editing process to trim the book down to its size.

“When you are really into a neighborhood, you can point out everything. You could write an entire book about the Licking Riverside Neighborhood, so just getting those highlights—what is going to be the most interesting for people who don't know the neighborhood—was really hard to cut it down,” she said. “Madison Avenue was like seven pages before editing.”

Copies of Walking Cincinnati, can be purchased at Roebling Point Books and Coffee at 306 Greenup Street in Covington and Park + Vine at 1202 Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photos by Claire Suer

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