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For First Time in 2 Years, Calvary Christian Wins a Baseball Game

Calvary Christian baseball won its first game in two years on Tuesday night when they took down Silver Grove, 12-1. Calvary baseball has had to rebuild from scratch after being unable to field a team in 2013.

“We came out and played some pretty good baseball,” said head coach Donald Scheid about the win. “The kids have been working extremely hard to beat the streak as we call it.”

They are a young team, starting multiple freshmen and even middle-schoolers. On Tuesday they had a freshman pitching to a freshman catcher, a freshman at shortstop and second and an eighth-grader in center field.

“It was a real nice win and real encouraging to do it with all the young guys that we have.”

Scheid said that the team has improved throughout the season and that they had gained confidence by competing with much larger schools.

“We had some small schools scheduled in between the big schools with the mentality that we back down to absolutely nobody. They're in our district and we're going to play them,” he said. “Regardless of the size of our school of how young we are, if we develop that mentality now while we're young, then that's only going to help us when we're older. Unfortunately the rain had knocked out a lot of the smaller-school games and we've played quite a few big schools.”

The night before the big win, the Cougars traveled Owen County and held tight in a scoreless game before Owen County broke it open late.

“It gave us a lot of confidence to play a school that big to that kind of ballgame,” Scheid said.

The Cougars broke out to an early 4-0 first-inning lead which also boosted the young team's confidence.

“That gave us some confidence each time we came up to hit which gave our guys the opportunity to have some fun and play from the other side of the scoreboard. It was nice for us to be able to do that.”

Daniel McWhorter—Scheid's ace for the next four years—threw a complete game with seven strikeouts.

Silver Grove had defeated Calvary Christian earlier in the year.

The Cougars play Miami Valley Christian Academy next at home on Thursday.

“It''s an interesting matchup for us. They're a little bit bigger of a school than us, but it is another school that has its ups and downs and kind of go through the struggles that we do. It's developed a lot of excitement with our guys because a former baseball coach and athletic director in 2010, Robert Vilardo, is the athletic director at that school now.”

Calvary Christian is now 1-5 on the season.

“We'll get a few more wins, we know,” Scheid said.

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo via Calvary Christian Facebook