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Ludlow Cafe to Help Launch New Program for Parents

Wynners Cup Café, the coffee and sandwich shop on Elm Street in Ludlow, is launching a series developed by Families Matters Inc. that is designed to help parents deal with problems and issues that come with raising teenagers.

The Parental Impact program is free of charge will be delivered by Thomas Cox, an adolescent and family mediator who has worked with parents, teens and families for more than 25 years through community mental health organizations, treatment programs and the court system.

The first session will be Tuesday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m. Future sessions will be held once a month at Wynners Cup Café.

Cox is one of the founders, along with Keith Bales, of Families Matter Inc., an innovative Northern Kentucky-based non-profit organization that provides families with the tools they need to begin addressing their problems quickly and easily.

“We take a very practical approach with our program, directly addressing the concerns, issues and questions parents have when it comes to raising teenagers,” Cox said. “We don’t want parents preaching to their kids or arguing with their kids. We help them have a conversation with their kids about the real impact of decisions they make, such as doing drugs and alcohol at an early age.”

An award-winning comedian, Cox promises that parents will enjoy the program, which he describes as “fast-paced, informative and entertaining.”

“This is a low-intensity, high-impact program that helps parents approach their kids,” he said. “There is an entertainment aspect to it. This isn’t a school program or an intensive therapy or counseling session. It’s a comedy show that also deals with some serious real life issues. We will be in the very laid back atmosphere of this comfortable coffee shop, and it’s a chance to just sit back and talk. Parents can come with questions and leave withy answers and direction.”

Ludlow Mayor Ken Wynn, who owns and operates Wynners Cup with his brother Steve Wynn and nephew Andy Miller, said that as a leader and business owner in the community he feels a responsibility to help families try and deal with problems such as drug use and addiction.

“I met Thomas through a mutual friend, and know of the good work he does,” Wynn said. “I offered my assistance by hosting the monthly program because every community in Northern Kentucky is dealing with the drug and heroin problem we are experiencing. I believe in Thomas’ organization and I believe his programs, knowledge and experience can make a difference in the lives of our families.”

The topics Cox will discuss during the programs include:

  • The Realities of Marijuana: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Heroin Epidemic: How Does That Affect Me?
  • Dealing with Adolescent Attitude
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Parties and Peers – Now Vaping and E-Cigs?
  • Facebook, Texting, Sexting, Tweeting, iPhone, iPod, iPad … What’s Next?
  • Tools, Tips & Techniques
  • Q&A

For more information about Families Matters Inc., call 859-431-7747 or visit

-Staff report/Image: Parental Impact poster (provided)