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Bellevue Police Release Photo of Suspect Accused of Ripping Off Couple

Bellevue Police have released an image of a man they believed was part of a scam that targeted an elderly couple.

According to the police department, the man offered to do housework for the couple on Van Voast Avenue. The offer turned out to be a scam and the thief made off with the victims' debit card.

In the images, the suspect is seen entering a local Walgreens store.

WKRC reported earlier this week that two suspects entered the Van Voast home before making off with the ATM card. The victims' granddaughter found out, she took to the Bellevue Alliance Facebook page for help, and a local company offered to the gutter work at the home, free of charges.

If you recognize the individual in this photo, call Crime Stoppers at 513.352.3040.

-Staff report

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