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Dayton Teacher Pay Increased, Will Join Bellevue in Hiring Psychologist

The Dayton Board of Education approved the salary schedule for the 2015­-2016 school year Wednesday night, with the exception of the Finance Officer Salary. All of the school employees will receive a 2% raise across the board according to new rules from the state, but five hundred dollars will be added to each cell of the pay scale for new teachers with 0 to 3 years of experience.

"We look good at about step 10 and higher on the pay scale," said Superintendent Jay Brewer. "But we need to attract more qualified people in the first part of the scale in order to be more competitive. A lot of districts might be cutting staff because of the mandatory 2% raise, but we are happy to take this opportunity to chip away at the disparity for our beginning pay scale."

The board also approved a new position for a school psychologist, a position that the district previously contracted out but will now team with Bellevue Independent Schools to hire a full-time psychologist whose time will be split between the two districts. Brewer said that a joint hiring committee will screen all applicants, and they hope to have the position filled by the end of May.

The state has changed requirements for a new Health Coordinator for the district. Previously Ron Kinmon had completed most the duties required by the position, but now the state wants a nurse to fill the position. The position of District Health Coordinator will now be filled by the school nurse, Tara Ewing.

The board approved a revised additional capital funds request for an amount of $28,124 which Brewer said will be used for improvements that have to be done in the district and weren't included in the district facility plan, instead of putting the money toward bonding potential.

A contract with Edgewood Electric was approved by the board to put in LED lighting all around Dayton High School to replace all the old lighting casings which were old and cracked in many instances.

Finally, the board approved a policy change which would allow alternative paths to graduation credits. All credits have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify as credits toward graduation.

Dayton High School Students of the Month (pictured above):

Abby Caldwell – 7th Grade

Libby Lukens – 8th Grade

Angelika Watson – 9th Grade

Makala Buchanan – 10th Grade

Harvest Gifford – 11th Grade

Hannah Heist – 12th Grade

Lincoln Elementary Students of the Month (pictured below):


Nick Pack – Mrs. Jellison 

Ashlyn Hard – Mrs. Ridder

Brooklyn Moreno – Mrs. Stuempel 

1st Grade 

Justin Payne – Mrs. Berringer

Brendan White – Mrs. Chenot 

Ella Boyers – Mrs. Litzler

Faith Kelly – Mrs. Wiggins 

2nd Grade

Arrianna Russell – Ms. Griffith

Kaleb Baker – Mrs. Clifton 

Nevaeh Naranjo – Mrs. Feldman 

Skye Buttery – Principal Pick

3rd Grade

D’angelo Jimenez – Mrs. Sceifres 

Madison Hard – Mrs. Jaspers

Jersie McIntosh – Mrs. Grainger

Cameron Dykes – Mrs. Young

4th Grade

Cooper Sparks

5th Grade

Talia Stockton

6th Grade

Haley Peelman

Savannah Panetta

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer

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