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It has been two and a half weeks since The River City News launched its new membership program and we are thrilled with the reception!

With more than twice the content at half the cost of the corporate-owned daily newspaper based in Cincinnati, a subscription to The River City News helps make sure that Northern Kentucky maintains its own independent voice. 

Each week you find stories at The River City News that you won't see anywhere else: local government and school board coverage, new business announcements, historic preservation issues, high school sports features, and thoughtful opinion. We maintain engaged Facebook and Twitter pages where the community discusses and debates local issues and celebrates regional successes. 

I won't go back into the details of why memberships are necessary for online publications to survive (but hope you will read our original post by clicking here).

Instead, I'll remind you (or let you know for the first time) that our offer is this: We will continue to be the most ambitious local news outlet in the region, bringing you the stories that matter to you and your family, with a strong focus on Northern Kentucky's River Cities and a goal of moving to the suburban ones ASAP. With a membership, you will have access to all of our original reporting from all of the city buildings, boards of education, high school games, and local events. The cost is a mere $5 per month.

For just 17 cents a day, Northern Kentucky will continue to be home to a growing media enterprise in a region that deserves its own independent and dedicated voice.

We look forward to bringing you the news every day, but even more than that, we look forward to bringing it to you better. We want to grow to become that newspaper that Northern Kentucky deserves.

Thank you for choosing The River City News for all things Northern Kentucky, and thank you for subscribing to Northern Kentucky's News Leader.

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-Michael Monks, editor & publisher