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Ken Rechtin's Another Voice: A Democrat's Guide to Voting for Republicans

The most interesting statistic in the results of last week’s “Survey Says” is that 80% of the respondents feel that the data that their city displays on their website is not in a format that  can be compared to other cities. Most responders would like to see how their city  compares to other cities!

And now a correction

Last week’s column indicated that the business and payroll tax for a given set of income and payroll for the City of Florence was $216,040.00. OOPS!

The number should have been $100,000.00 lower! The combined payroll and business income tax for the business should have been stated at $116,000.00. Linda Chapman,  Finance Officer for the City of Florence, was quick to point out that the City has a  maximum occupational license fee of $10,000.00. Sorry for any confusion caused!

Now onto this week’s column…

Jonathan Miller, former Kentucky Treasurer, has a Facebook page called “Recovering Politician: Jonathan Miller”. To call oneself a recovering anything seems to indicate an addiction. Following this logic and using drugs as the comparison, politics is/was Jonathan’s drug. If Jonathan feels he has become addicted to politics, I believe he is sick!

An addiction is a sickness!

I, too, am a sick man. I have that political addiction. So, in my first step of twelve, I admit: “I am powerlessly addicted to politics!” But, paraphrasing what Amy Winehouse said: “They tried to make me go to rehab/but I said NO, NO, NO!”

Again, last week I gave in to my addiction. I attended a gubernatorial debate featuring the Republican primary candidates held at Northern Kentucky University. I am one very sick addict!

Politics is: “The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a  political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and  external affairs.” And I love politics!

Jonathan, I am not recovering... I am not in remission... I am still addicted!  

So here you have it: A Democrat telling you Republicans how to vote in your primary! If you have already made your choice or don’t like being told what to do by a Democrat, you should stop reading right here. But, if you want to know my opinion, keep on reading.

First, I must tell you: “No matter who you choose, you cannot go wrong.” All of your candidates, Matt Bevin (Matt), Hal Heiner (Hal) and James Comer (James) exhibit all the necessary qualities to run as a Republican. Chris McDaniel (Chris), Lt. Governor candidate paired with James Comer, was in the boxing ring for Comer at this debate.

(Please note I have skipped Will T. Scott (Will). He skipped this debate, didn’t even send his running mate or a stand in. He will, at the end of all the shouting and voting, be skipped by the voters as well.)

Matt, Hal, and Chris are all fiscal conservatives. They are pro-business, pro-coal, pro-small government, pro-lower taxes (shifting from income to consumption based tax systems), pro-school choice, pro “right to work”, pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-marriage-only-between-a-man-and-a-woman! They all have multi-point plans, blueprints, and maps for the future. They are all anti-federal regulation and anti-Obama. You cannot go wrong with any one of these!

So, how do you make a choice? Based on what?

How about how they dressed and their campaign literature?

Hal and Chris were “dressed for success” in the customary political business suit, starched shirt and appropriate tie. Matt was casually dressed in an open collar dress shirt, dress slacks and coordinated sport coat. (Matt would have won my vote had he opted for blue jeans and red gym shoes!)

Matt’s campaign literature is simple. It contains brief bios of Matt and his running mate, Jenean Hampton, with pictures of them in military garb. Bullet point positions are listed on the last page and the reader is then directed to the website for his full “blueprint for a better Kentucky”. (Why is his plan a blueprint?)

James’s glossy literature is small like Matt’s (5 X 8). Chris McDaniel is relegated to the back page. James’s centerfold is a beautiful family portrait of James with his wife and three children in front of a stall and horse (Pictures with horses are good Kentucky politics).

Hal’s literature is really expensive! The piece that was available on the table and passed out by the paid staffers was full color (8.5 X 11), gloss finish, eight pages with excellent graphics. It has the necessary picture of Hal in hard hat, Hal in business suit, Hal with shirt sleeves rolled up working at a desk, Hal with children and family, Hal with running mate and, the most important picture, Hal with dogs. (Almost, but not quite as good as a horse in Kentucky politics!)

How about how they performed on stage?

Matt was enthusiastic, expressive, and genuine. When on the attack, his barbs were directed towards James and Chris as representing career politicians and all that is wrong in Frankfort.

Chris did a very satisfactory job on the stage. He stuck to the talking point that he and James have the experience in Frankfort to get things done. Chris did an excellent job of defending James’s and his records. But, if their team wins, Chris will not be the Governor, James will. Where was James?

Hal appeared business-like, reserved, cold, and aloof. He was “above the fray”. Hal seemed like a person who was very comfortable in the bankers’ boardrooms. He is a developer of industrial sites. He is an engineer by education and early profession.

So, what do I think?

If you like our junior Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie, you’ll love Matt Bevin!

If you like our senior Senator Mitch McConnell, your choice should be James Comer.

If you remember and liked John Y. Brown as Governor, I think that you will really like Hal Heiner.

For a stark contrast with Jack Conway, the presumptive Democratic Governor nominee, you should choose Matt Bevin. Bevin versus Conway will be much more entertaining than Comer vs Conway or Heiner vs Conway.

So, please remember to vote on May 19th!

How about participating in my very unscientific poll? Click Here

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