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Free Weather Alert Radios Distributed Thanks to Duke Energy Donation

This morning, the Kenton County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Managment distributed nearly 60 weather alert radios to individuals from several local school districts including Kenton County, Covington Independent, Erlanger-Elsmere, Ludlow, and Beechwood schools.

The event, held on the 4th floor of the Kenton County Building in Covington, was made possible thanks to a $5,000 donation from Duke Energy.

The Kenton County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management coordinates government emergency services in Kenton County, ensuring the needs of the public are met during an emergency or disaster, whether natural (tornado, severe weather, etc.)or man-made (hazardous material, radiological). The aim of today's event was to promote preparedness.

This project will ultimately include all schools within Kenton County, the Kenton County Public Library, all city buildings, county offices, St. Elizabeth hospitals, and both emergency communications centers in the county.

Staff report/Photo: Weather alert radio (RCN)