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Is There Anything Else Like the Covington Turners Rat Races? Look at These Pics.

WARNING: Graphic language included in this article

If the theme is "Sex, Drugs, and a Cocktail with Cosby", you know you're at an event that intends to offend your ordinary sensibilities.

And if you were at the 2015 Covington Turners Ludlow Derby on Friday night, you probably already knew what you were in for.

The tradition in its 38th year ("No shit!," the program reads) featured 7 "rat races" with tiny mice named after offensive takes on current events or celebrities and politicians, each with a made up back story. Take Race 4, for example, which was called "NBA-holes" and starred mice by the names of Steve Nashole, LaTurd Sprewell, Bath Time for Rodman, and Jesus Thinks Kobe's an Asshole.

Race 3 featured mice named for gay musicians: Freddy La Queen of Queers, Licky Martin, KD Lang-a-Lingis, and -- wait, are you cringing, too?

Well, if you think that's bad, the program also included a recipe for "The Cosby Cocktail", named for the famed comedian Bill Cosby who has been accused of drugging and raping women. Among the ingredients: Jell-O, barbituates, and "a hot white chick". 

Race 6 was also dedicated to Cosby with the name "Infamous Rapists" and featured mice called Bone Roethlisbanger and Calling Dr. Fuxtable.

The Covington Turners pack their hall on Pike Street every year, inside and out, and just like Turfway Park offers simulcasts of the races on a video feed for those who can't get close enough to the maze in which the mice navigate their way to the winner's circle. 

The River City News's Brian Frey was there this year and he snapped these photos.

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