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Have a Bold Idea to Transform the Region? Here's Your Chance to Pitch It

Transform Cincinnati, a new initiative to connect bold ideas to improve Greater Cincinnati with people who have the potential to make significant investments, was announced today by co-founder Richard Rosenthal.

“We want to hear from people and organizations who are thinking big and thinking differently about how to enhance our city,” said Rosenthal. “By showcasing these ideas, Transform Cincinnati will enable potential investors and funders to contribute their expertise and resources to projects that can accomplish something truly transformational. For visionary idea creators, it provides the unique opportunity for potential funding up to $10 million and broad exposure for their ideas.”

Community leaders who helped to develop and are participating in Transform Cincinnati include: Alecia Kintner, president & CEO of ArtsWave; Tim Maloney, president and CEO of the Haile Foundation; Jim Schwab, president and CEO of Interact for Health; Rob Reifsnyder, president of United Way of Greater Cincinnati; and Shiloh Turner, vice president for Community Investment at Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Cincinnati has a rich legacy of people who have invested in significant community initiatives. While that heritage of giving continues today with many area benefactors, the passing of individuals such as Louise Nippert, Manny Mayerson, Patricia Corbett, Carl Lindner and Stanley Kaplan has created a need for additional philanthropic leadership.

At the same time, years of intense work to revitalize downtown and the urban core, reform public education, enhance the arts, create new businesses and jobs, and attract and retain a talented workforce has created the opportunity to build on a base that’s stronger than it has been in decades.

Beginning today, applications for transformative project ideas will be available at and are due by June 15. A review panel comprised of a cross-section of community leaders will compare applications with program criteria and select the top ideas for presentation to prospective investors.

Transform Cincinnati will then bring individual investors together this fall in a private forum to learn about change-making for-profit or not-for-profit projects that have the potential to improve Greater Cincinnati as an exceptional place to live, learn, work and play. These investors will have the opportunity to commit to a project, but are not obligated to do so.

“It is our hope to engage a new wave of Cincinnati leaders, and potentially the next generation of their families, to experience the fulfillment and pride that come with making a significant difference in our community’s vitality,” Rosenthal said.

Three features distinguish Transform Cincinnati:

  • Large scale and impact. Only bold projects with the capacity to transform Greater Cincinnati for generations to come and requiring private/ philanthropic investment in a range of up to $10 million will be presented to potential investors.
  • Unique forum. Never before have individuals with the capacity to fund significant community-based projects been able to learn about a range of qualified opportunities in one place at one time.
  • Neutral stance. With many options for investment, Transform Cincinnati does not have bias or focus on any particular area of impact. Rather, we welcome any ideas that may ignite funders’ passions. Transform Cincinnati is strictly a connector and facilitator.

Transform Cincinnati connects individuals who have the financial capacity and motivation to effect dramatic change with initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the quality of life in Cincinnati and the eight surrounding counties. Learn more at

Staff report/Photo by Dextera Photography for RCN

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