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Ken Rechtin's Another Voice: This Democrat Hopes for Big Republican Turnout

I would like to see a large turnout in the Republican Primary for Governor!


I am a Democrat and I want to see a large Republican primary? What’s up with that?

Here’s why:

NKY has never been well represented in Frankfort. Yes, we have a representative form of government; and, after our elections, our representatives, Senators and Representatives in the General Assembly, usually vote and act on our behalf. We have folks like Adam Koenig, Sal Santoro and Dennis Keene in the House, and Chris McDaniel, Damon Thayer, and Wil Schroder in our Senate. The majority of our elected officials from NKY visiting Frankfort every year are from the Republican ranks.

NKY is known throughout the state as a Republican stronghold.

But, the real decisions are primarily made in the Governor’s office and we have not had a voice or an ear in that mansion forever!

The second source of real power in our state resides in the leadership roles in the House and the Senate. NKY’s lack of representation in these inner workings is well known.

The Republican Party has completely taken over NKY. Very shortly they will have complete power in Frankfort as well.

So my plea to NKY Republicans, in an effort to help our region, we need your help!

Please assert your influence and vote in overwhelming numbers! Politicians will pay attention to areas of the state that VOTE!

Two columns ago, I gave you my recommendations on your candidates. At this point, I really don’t care who you choose, just turn out in strong numbers so that when your candidate becomes Governor of the State of Kentucky, he will pay attention to NKY, because you voted in strong numbers! In recent local elections, you have turned out in numbers greater that the Democrats.

Yes, I believe that the next Governor of the State of Kentucky will be a Republican. Over many years, our state has very consistently voted Republican on a national level. That trend is now trickling down to statewide and even local elections. (Sorry about using that technical Republican economic policy term of “trickling down” to describe this trend.)

Picking up on a Twitter word, worldwide in democratic countries, the election of right wing political parties is “trending”. The two recent parliamentary elections in Great
Britain and Australia demonstrate this trend.  

Kentucky is rapidly moving itself to the right as well!

NASCAR races are often described as “left turns interrupted by bursts of speed”. Our political races in Kentucky are definitely dominated lately by right turns. After the
election, let’s see if they can navigate the straightaway.

All three NKY counties are owned by the Republican Party. Three Judges Executive, nine County Commissioners, three Sheriffs, three coroners, three jailers, three county attorneys and the vast majority of the city elected folks all come from the right!

The time is NOW. The stars are aligned! Get out there and VOTE on May 19th!

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