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Photos: Smokestack Catches Fire During Reds Game

Some fans had to be evacuated from their seats at Great American Ballpark during Friday night's Reds-Giants game.

One of the outfield smokestacks -- known as the Power Stacks and used to celebrate Reds home runs -- caught fire. 

The Cincinnati Fire Department was called in to put out the fire.

According to, a failed propane valve caused the fire but a worker from Rozzi Fireworks enacted the proper procedures.

"Quite frankly, the actions of the attendant really saved us from a disaster," said Tim O'Connell, the Reds' vice president of ballpark operations, to "He did a great job. He worked very diligently to take the precautionary measures and all of his training and precautions we have in place worked. We're very appreciative of the Cincinnati Fire Division."

The unexpected flames were among the night's more memorable moments in a 10-2 Reds loss.

Steve Oldfield of was at the game and shared some photos with The River City News of the fire and other scenes from the annual Star Wars game.

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