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Dayton School Board Honors Retirees, Valedictorian

The Dayton Board of Education began its meeting this week by recognizing retirees and a few other people in the absence of students of the month.

"We are trying to get better at recognizing people," said Superintendent Jay Brewer by way of introduction.

He first said goodbye to student representative Maddie Keifer, a senior, who has served as a liaison between the students and the board. She is also valedictorian for her class and has achieved four years perfect attendance. Danielle Hubbard will take her place as liaison.

Brewer then gave a gift to Linda Brandenburg, as an extension of the award ceremony last month where she was surprised to receive the Wanda Luttrell Office Management award.

Linda Griffith and Barb Berringer received gifts on their retirement, as did Steve Dapper who wasn't present. Jeff Volter, who served on the Dayton Board of Education for 13 years and was high school principal for 7 years, was also recognized.

The board approved the tentative working budget of approximately $8.4 million for the 2015-16 school year. Brewer said that the district has a 9.6 percent contingency fund which is "very good", and though others might say it could be spent, Brewer countered by telling the board that they are still spending approximately $100,000 more than they are taking in, so the board needs to keep the contingency fund high. The board also approved a revised sport salary schedule, adding $3,700 to the current $81,250 budget.

In other business, the board approved renewing the property/fleet/liability/workers compensation insurance coverage with Crawford insurance for the next school year, even though the cost will go up $5,000 to $6,000. In addition, the audit contract with Barnes Dennig was approved, as was the renewal of the preventative maintenance service agreement with DeBra­Kuempel for Lincoln Elementary and Dayton High School. Citizens Bank will remain the official bank of the district, as approved by the board.

High School principal Jeremy Dodd gave a report on test scores at the high school, saying that scores are up on tests. He also said that they were considering using a different testing system for grades 7 through 12, going from MAP testing to Cert testing, because the Cert testing stresses more college readiness standards.

Bonnie Sizemore came to talk about the Online Learning Academy, a program which has been at the school for about 1 1/2 years, and is a program where students can either catch up the credits they need to graduate, or use the program to gather more credits to get ahead. Student Shane McGlone was present to attest to the good the program had done, as he will be able to graduate this year as a result of the online academy.

Lincoln Assistant Principal Heather Dragan talked to the board about the summer programs that the school would be offering this summer.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top photo: Superintendent Jay Brewer gives a gift to Maddie Keifer, who is graduating Friday

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Bonnie Sizemore Shane McGlone tell the board about Online Learning Academy
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