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Ludlow Girls Running Towards Joy, Health and Confidence

On May 9, 2015 fifteen fourth graders gathered near Paul Brown Stadium, in downtown Cincinnati, demonstrating their Ludlow pride in tie-dyed red, panther paw print t-shirts. These girls joined thousands of others to run the Girls on the Run Greater Cincinnati 5k. The race is the culminating event in a twenty-four-lesson program that incorporates running activities into healthy life skills lessons inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

The Ludlow Girls on the Run site’s head coach, Danielle Zink, led the girls through the spring season with enthusiasm and dedication. Zink, a fourth grade teacher at the elementary school, has built the program over the last few years to provide some of her students with the opportunity for a positive experience each spring and fall. Though the program is designed for girls in the third through fifth grades, it is limited to just fourth graders at Ludlow because of its popularity there.

Ludlow’s community has also shown its support for the program. On April 24, community members came out to help the girls with a practice 5k, providing water and support on the course and a celebration at the end. Community members also participated in both the practice and the race day 5ks as running buddies, encouraging the girls to complete the feat as they ran along beside them. There is also a group of boys working with the gym teacher, Ms. Smith, to achieve goals similar to those in the Girls on the Run program.

Throughout the season, the Ludlow Girls on the Run girls worked together, encouraging each other through difficult lessons and cheering each other on in their activities. Each of the fifteen girls pushed through to the end, finishing the 5k on May 9, accomplishing their ultimate goal.

To learn more about Girls on the Run of Greater Cincinnati, find out how you can get involved or make a donation, check out the website at

Submitted by Melissa Salamon, Girls on the Run Mission Adelaide Volunteer/Photo: Ludlow Girls on the Run (provided)