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Dayton to Consider Making 5th Avenue One-Way Again

A proposal to make part of 5th Avenue a one-way street again was tabled to next month's meeting after disagreement emerged among the members of the Dayton City Council.

Mayor Virgil Boruske, in pushing for the change to one-way, cited safety concerns. There is confusion, he said, about the status of the road as it has been two-way traffic and one-way traffic at different times in recent years.

Councilman Joe Neary referred to the area of 5th Avenue in question, near the Family Dollar store as it approaches O'Fallon Avenue, as a 7-way intersection. O'Falloan, 5th, and Manhattan Boulevard, as well as the dollar store's parking lot, create traffic confusion and possible danger. Neary said, however, that if the traffic pattern were changed by a vote on Tuesday, that it could end up changed again soon thereafter as Manhattan Harbor development continues.

The city council approved Tuesday the design plans for a new apartment community near there.

"It may be premature to make it back to one-way when we might be changing it shortly," Neary said. "I'd like to see an overall traffic study done over there."

City administrator Michael Giffen said that two traffic studies have been conducted in the area, once in 2009 and again in 2013. "There have been studies done. I don't know if it will yield what you're looking for it to yield," Giffen said.

Councilmen Ben Baker and Jerry Gifford were concerned that neighbors in the immediate area had not been consulted fully prior to the proposed vote. They were joined by Neary and Joey Tucker in opposing the change. Councilmen Bill Burns and Dennis Lynn voted in favor. It was determined that the issue would be revisited at the July meeting after neighbors would be consulted by letter.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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