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Bromley to Address Roads in Need of Repair, Change Public Works Responsibilities

The City of Bromley adopted its budget on Wednesday and laid out initial plans to address infrastructure concerns on problem streets.

Councilman Bob France, who oversees public works, said that a section outside the alley on Kenton Street heading towards Steve Tanner and a section of Steve Tanner between Kenton and Moore Streets will need to be addressed. "That all needs to be replaced. It's breaking and cracking in spots," France said.

Prior to Wednesday's meeting, a short public hearing on municipal road aid was held. It was explained that the city still has $21,015 from last year's road funds and that an additional $16,800 is expected from the state for the next fiscal year which begins July 1. Residents with ideas on how to spend the money should contact the city building.

Kenton Street resident Charles McCoy asked council to consider allocating funds to deal with what he described as speeding vehicles in the alley between 102 and 108 Kenton. "There is a lot of heavy traffic flying up and down this alley," McCoy said. "The thing is, we have children that play around there. Is there any way we can get a speed bump put in this alley to slow them down a bit?"

France said that both sides of the alley is expected to be improved and that the possibility of a speed bump could be explored.

Councilwoman Nancy Kienker said that she also sees the speeding vehicles in the alley. "The traffic going through that alley is triple if not more and they fly, I agree," Kienker said. "They come down by my house, they make that corner by your house, how they don't hit your house, I don't know."

Councilwoman Gail Smith also suggested that the city examine the possibility of adopting a sidewalk maintenance program like one in Ft. Wright. "Little things in the community make it look nicer and if we can get some of the sidewalks cleaned up, it would be an improvement," she said.
In other news, Park Hills Police Chief Cody Stanley said that his department, which serves Bromley, issued 15 citations during a stop sign enforcement blitz.
Councilwoman Smith suggested and council approved the purchase of a new printer/scanner/fax machine at a cost of $5,900 to replace the multiple outdated machines currently being used at the city building. 
Council also approved a trial run for a new 3rd party company to come in and cut the grass in the city park at $85 per cut so that public works can better devote its time to other city issues. Mayor Donnie Jobe said that he is changing the duties of public works but did not say publicly what those changes would be. Council went into executive session at the end of Wednesday's meeting to discuss personnel issues and possibly the changes to public works.
Michael Monks, editor & publisher
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