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Repurposed Ballpark Seats Being Sold at Newport Shop

There is new life brought to the Great American Ball Park stadium seat backs and bottoms. During the recent GABP renovation, there were many seats that were torn out and replaced due to their condition.

CEI Sports, a Blue Ash-based company, has successfully bought through the Hamilton County Auction 2,500 seat back and bottom combos of various sizes and have revamped them with a bar stool and diner chair design.

This breathes life back into a unique collectible in a different way. The county decided to reuse the seat hardware so the only way of reuse for the purpose of seating was to find another purpose.  

The diner chair is just a blank chair that was crafted by mounting hardware that attached the stadium seat on top. The bar stool was built by creating a cradle for the seat out of 1/2’’ bent steel.  

“We had a vision on the design and were lucky to have successfully bid and won some large lots of seats,” says CEI owner, Charles Sotto. 

According to the county, most of the seats were destroyed. Less than 20 percent were saved for collectors, and CEI bought a significant amount of those.  

“Of course we have just the seat back and bottom, but we have used the same source as the county to have new number plates made and reattached them. We think that the bar stools and chairs will catch on for fans and even commercial establishments,” Sotto said.

The restored bar stools and chairs are currently available for purchase at CEI Sports. They are also being sold at their Newport on the Levee sister store, Sports Depot, and making an appearance at CEI’s upcoming sports trade show, Cincy Sports Fest.  

At the show, CEI Sports will be raffling off 10 seat backs and bottom sets per day. Cincy Sports Fest is being held from July 11-14 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. The seats will also be available for purchase. Custom number plates can be requested to match your favorite player (number 1-26 only). A certificate of authenticity and a copy of county sale will accompany each set, chair, or bar stool.

For more information, contact CEI Sports, Inc. at 513-489-3400.

Staff report/Photo via Facebook