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UDF Battle Returns to Taylor Mill this Week

Calling it "the last stand for UDF", property owners Phil and Laurie Peace expect finality in their 18 month-long effort to place a United Dairy Farmers location in Taylor Mill's downtown development, the Districts of Taylor Mill.

The city commission will convene for its regular legislative meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The issue of placing a UDF gas station and convenience store across the newly constructed Pride Parkway and Honey Drive has struggled because it goes against the zoning code adopted in 2006 for the Districts project. 

However, in February,the Kenton County Planning Commission voted 18 to 2 to allow text amendments to the zoning code that would permit the UDF to move forward. 

Here is a timeline of the events related to UDF:

January 2014: The proposed UDF leads to a 3-hour city commission meeting where supporters spoke in favor of the project

February 2014: The possible design of the proposed UDF is presented to the city commission

November 2014: Another lengthy city commission meeting -- this one, 4 hours long -- saw mixed results for the proposed project

February 2015: Kenton County Planning Commission gives a resounding victory to the proposed UDF project in endorsing the text amendments

The River City News will have Wednesday's meeting covered.

Photos: Phil Peace placed signs on his property where he wants a UDF to locate

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