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For Saving Suicidal Woman from Bridge Jump, Ludlow Officer Nominated for Honor

Ludlow Police officer John Dorman has been nominated to be formally recognized for his brave actions in saving the life of a woman who attempted to leap from a 65-foot train trestle above Sleepy Hollow Drive, by grabbing her before she could jump. 
Ludlow Police Sergeant Eric Love has made the nomination for Dorman.
"I made the recommendation already that he receive the award," Love said at the Ludlow City Council meeting on Thursday night.  "For our policy, he went well above and beyond what was required for that. So once the Safety Committee gets together, they review it, and if they agree, they will let me know and we will have a ceremony."
Love said that it was not a situation where simply talking to the woman would have prevented her from committing suicide and that Dorman had to struggle with the woman to keep her from harming herself. It was a dangerous and selfless maneuver for Dorman, but Love says that he isn't surprised his colleague acted so courageously.
"The whole situation obviously worked out very well; it could have been a lot worse," Love said. "Officer Dorman is a veteran officer, a very good officer, seasoned. He's been around. I was kind of not surprised when I heard it was him. He's very humble and he's very mad at me for nominating him, but that's why I like him, and that's why a lot of the guys like him. He really is the kind of guy who wants to do the job. He would do the job for free and he's the kind of guy you want to have in your department.  When he does stuff like this, he acts like it's no big deal. He didn't even tell me about it, I had to hear about it. He doesn't go around talking about himself."
Love said that he has heard the woman is in treatment and doing well. He also made it a point to credit two railroad workers who assisted Officer Dorman on the scene that day, but Sgt. Love had yet to learn their names. 
The tall train trestle was the scene of a suicide last year that Love was called to and he and the rest of the city are glad the outcome was so much better in this incident
"There was a suicide there last year where a gentleman jumped off so that would have been her outcome had she fallen. He physically put himself in harm's way to go do that, but with John, I wouldn't expect anything else."
  • Sergeant Love reported that while police calls were a bit higher than the previous month, totaling 140, the seriousness of the calls was less, highlighted by only two burglaries in the month.  
  • Fire Chief Rob Dreyer said that overdoses in Ludlow were also down with no deaths and only three overdoses overall. Also, the average response time for emergency calls was four minutes on the month which received praise from Councilman Tom Amann.
  • Public Works Project Manager Patrick Walkenhorst said that repaving on Route 8 through parts of Ludlow should begin around June 22. The new Public Works staff was praised by Mayor Ken Wynn for decreasing the amount of litter along Elm Street. Former Public Works Director John Knuf resigned in February and the department was restructured after his departure. 

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo via Ludlow Police Facebook


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