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Yes, Ft. Mitchell, There Will Be a Recreation Department

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, there will indeed be a recreation department in the City of Fort Mitchell, City Administrator Sharmili Reddy said at the city council meeting Monday evening. 

While the Recreation Director Kim Stoll resigned Friday morning, she added that council members spent most of the weekend addressing the vacancy and restructuring the departments’ various initiatives.

Adding to an already prickly situation, city council members found unauthorized signs posted on the property of Beechwood School, falsely stating the cancelation of the summer programs, forcing Reddy to cancel Monday’s scheduled activities because its instructors had already been notified of the supposed cancelations. But, “as of this evening, we have reconstructed most of the programs and as many of the programs moving forward,” Reddy added, saying they are tracking down program instructors to inform them of the situation, but also said “one or two” programs may be cut due to a lack of instructors. 

Lastly, the City Administrator expects for the Recreation Program to be up-and-running by Tuesday morning.

Several instructors, who were going to back out of the program due to pay rates, are staying on because the city will honor the previous year’s rates, instead of the planned lower ones, Reddy said. 

Council member Kim Nachazel said she spoke with several sources who said the $13-15/hourly rates were not worth their time and would quit. “I’d rather have 20 good programs and pay them something,” she said.

Though in a current state of flux, the recreation program exists; good news to many in the area who feared otherwise.

Other Notes:

-Kenton County Public Works Director Nick Hendrix and Greg Kreutzjans of GRW Engineers, Inc. introduced Phase 1 of a Bromley-Crescent Springs road reconstruction project to council. In the works since 2013, when it received the initial go-ahead, its purpose is to “make horizontal and vertical design improvements,” i.e. making some of the well-known dangerous curves along Amsterdam Road more subtle. The beginning of the project will commence at the intersection of Anderson/Beechwood Road 
and Clock Tower Way/Bromley-Crescent Springs Road (though minimal changes will take place at this intersection).

The main crux of the project aims to lessen the curves prior to Edenderry, the installation of a 20’x 8’ box culvert to replace the current bridge, multiple retaining walls, improved storm drainage, and additional lighting. But, Hendrix and Kreutzjans stated there are an additional two options: (each at the Edenderry/Amsterdam intersection) a traditional but improved intersection, or a roundabout. If the projects falls on the alternate stage, Mayor Jude Hehman and Kreutzjans prefer roundabouts, simply because they provide the safest option and prevent the most serious accidents, they said. Hendrix added, public comment will be open on the project until June 23. The team hopes to select a winner by September, with utility relocations taking place next June through early-to-mid 2017.

-Fort Mitchell resident Bill Brown has a full-scale train set display in his backyard and has received recognition from several states, the mayor said. 

-June 25 is the targeted arrival of city workers in their new home, as the city building is scheduled to be move-in-ready by next Thursday.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor