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With New Album Out, Tanlines is Set to Play Madison Live

On June 30, the band Tanlines will perform at Madison Live as part of their month-long tour.
Tanlines--singer/guitarist Eric Emm and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Cohen--released their second album in May called Highlights, which was produced by the band and Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.
"It's our second album. It's been a year and a half, I think, working on it. It came out in May. We used to play in a two piece, just me and Eric with a lot of electronics, but with this tour, we're bringing out a drummer and another guitar player to sort of make a bigger and better sound for the live show which sort of matches our approach to this album which is more live than our old album," Cohen said. 
The project took a u-turn when the tandem experienced a set back in the form of computer failure that scrapped all of their previous preparation for the album.  
"The first thing that happened when we started this album with all the equipment as soon as we set up, the computer blew up and we lost our hard drive that had all of our sounds and samples and everything, so it took about four days to fix and while it was happening, we started recording with a really stripped down set up with drums and that's how we started this album. It was a departure from the way we were used to working," said Cohen.
What came out of that session was an album that featured sounds of various genres from lots of guitars to Detroit techno synths, to drums that sound inspired by New York hip-hip of the 1990's. 
"A lot of the drums sounds that I like are kind of hip-hop drum sounds on their own, but with our music it sounds like a big mix blended together," Cohen said. 
The album came together by working in Los Angeles with producer Patrick Ford, and their hometown New York with Chris Taylor where they recorded in a 100-year old church.  Tanlines settled on 10 songs that would eventually become Highlights
"We had certain ideas about how we wanted to make this album. We wanted to be more live sounding than our last album and we wanted it to sound bigger and work with a producer, and we did all those things," Cohen said.
Through June and July, Tanlines will tour wide stretches of North America including parts of Canada, California, Texas, Washington D.C., and, of course, Covington. More information on Tanlines and tickets to the show, can be found at Madison Live's website
Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor
Photo provided