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Dayton Graduates Land Summer Jobs Thanks to NKADD Grant

Dayton High School Principal Jeremy Dodd reported that 25 percent of the graduating class of 42 have a summer job working for the city or for the school district thanks to a federal grant run through the Northern Kentucky Area Development District.
"Eleven seniors are working for us or businesses in the city," said Dodd on Tuesday night at the regular board meeting. "We have four seniors working with our staff. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we provide a class where they all work on resume writing so they can get a job in the fall.
All the students had to submit a resume and go to a job interview to qualify for the program. They will earn $9 per hour for up to 35 hours a week. At the end of the summer the students can earn up to $7,000 toward college for those colleges that have asked to participate in the program.
Superintendent Jay Brewer pointed out that the high school graduation rate is the highest it has ever been, and the college and career readiness numbers are also the highest they have ever been although this was a smaller graduating class.
The board approved the student handbooks for Lincoln Elementary and Dayton High School. While there wasn't much change for the elementary handbook, Dodd recited a list of changes for the high school. The dress code dealing with shorts and sandals is the same, but the timing of when the students in the middle school and high school can wear the shorts and sandals was left up to the parents. For example, if there is a hot spell in November, the students can wear cooler clothing. Because some students brought e-­cigarettes to school, the no-tobacco rule was changed to include no e-­cigarettes. Dodd also said there will be a new rule that states no mobile phones will be permitted in classrooms. Also there has been a change regarding students who have been suspended. The new rule allows a possibility of making up work, whereas the old rule was definite about not allowing make-up work. Dodd related that the district has also reduced the amount of fees charged to parents.
The salary for substitute teachers was increased by 2 percent, and the board approved the change. Another approved change was extra stipends for wrestling at Lincoln Elementary and art clubs for Dayton High School. Another change was a salary increase for a registrar, which is a new position.
The board approved a board meeting agenda policy, and the first reading of other policies that would be discussed before next month's agenda. Brewer recommended that the board approve the Certified Evaluation Plan, which all districts have to pass before the next school year.
Elementary Principal Greg Duty told the board that the school library is open certain hours during the summer to encourage student reading, and they are taking advantage of the hours. He also reported that during the year Lincoln Elementary had 47 one-to-one reading partners, the highest in the Northern Kentucky area. Because of this program, 89 percent of the participating children increased their MAP scores, and 100 percent increased their words per minute scores.
Story & photo by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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