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Fire Causes Serious Damage to Newport Home

A house fire at 805 Ann Street in Newport brought dozens of firefighting personnel to the address to put out the blaze that badly damaged both the first and second floors of the back of the residence.

Smoke could be seen emerging through broken windows of both levels as fire fighters sprayed water from their hoses from the inside of the first floor. The house had a Huff Realty sign on the front porch and was for sale. There was also a legal notice taped to the front door of the residence. It did not appear that anyone lived at the address.

Firemen placed a ladder leading to the second story window that had the glass removed from the opening. There were many spots on the exterior toward the rear of the house that were charred black, including the small roof that covered what looked like a patio in the back yard. The roof was severely damaged and the vinyl siding on it had melted off.  

There were other areas on the second floor of the exterior of the house where the siding had burned off, exposing brick underneath.

There were no injuries and the neighboring houses did not appear to be damaged from the fire. Multiple fire companies were on the scene, including vehicles from Covington, Newport, Southgate and Wilder. No fire department officials were available to comment. 

Story and photos by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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