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NKY Restaurant Health Scores Now Available on Mobile Site

The Northern Kentucky Health Department just launched a new mobile version of its website that will allow for friendlier access to food inspection reports, locations of smoke-free restaurants, clinical services, job postings, and more.

The department made the transition as most internet traffic is now on mobile.

“With this new site, mobile users will be able to access information on food inspections, smoke-free restaurants, clinical services, hours, locations and job postings in a format that’s designed to be viewed on a mobile device,” said Dr. Lynne M. Saddler, District Director of Health. “If they need additional information, they can go to the full website from their phone as well.”

A major component of the mobile web site is food inspection listings.

The Health Department inspects more than 1,200 restaurants, bars, convenience stores and other establishments at least twice per year to assure proper practices are being followed and sanitary conditions exist at the establishment. On the mobile website, visitors can search for an establishment by name, then view its most recent inspection score along with a list of violations noted.

“The Health Department is committed to providing people with the information that they need to make healthy choices,” Dr. Saddler said. “As more people turn to mobile devices to get health information, we hope our mobile website will make useful information more accessible.”

To view the mobile website, go to from a mobile device.

-Staff report