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Take a Walmart Cart Off Property in Ft. Wright and Face a Fine

Fort Wright took an additional step Wednesday to alleviate its well-documented nuisance with shopping carts being taken across the street from their rightful place, Walmart, by unanimously passing an ordinance to introduce fines assessed to the offender (if they are caught) and the store.

“I don’t think this will linger,” due to the ordinance passing, Mayor Dave Hatter said of the city’s years-long issue with carts since the store’s opening.

“I’m getting tired of seeing them,” Councilman Joe Averdick said of them being strewn across the street.

Council pushed back its decision on the city’s employee salary adjustment for 2015-2016 to the next caucus meeting, July 15. Then, it will vote on whether employees receive a two percent pay raise, per the salary schedule.

Newest city employee and Police Officer Bradley Ryan Keller was appointed by council Wednesday and will begin his assignment July 5. Outgoing officer Ken Holstein will join the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department after a year on the Fort Wright force.

Other Notes:

The James A. Ramage Civil War Museum received donations Wednesday evening courtesy of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table and via the city’s annual Blue and Gray Dinner, held in April, which netted the Museum $4,925.57, its best year on record. The windfall included an anonymous $1,000 check and an additional $1,000 from McD Concrete.

The spotlight on the museum will become brighter come December, as a Bloomington, Indiana-based television crew will be filming an upcoming documentary about General Lew Wallace at the site, which will air in the final month of 2015. Furthermore, Battery Hooper Days will take place August 15 and 16 with St. Elizabeth Healthcare sponsoring a Civil War-like hospital setup for the event, which includes a silent auction, used book sale, and gift shop.

City Administrator Gary Huff said the city hopes to re-pave Beaumont Court by summer’s end, apologizing for the inconvenience it may cause residents in the neighborhood. Huff added residents could see their flood insurance premiums lower after council approved a motion for Hatter to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the NKADD Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The city hopes to foreclose on a long-vacant home on Marcella Drive, City Attorney Todd McMurtry said, provided the tax lien hurdle currently in the heirs’ family can be overcome.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor