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Nuisance Ordinance Presented in Erlanger

Erlanger City Council listened to the first reading of the long awaited nuisance ordinance Tuesday night at the regular council meeting. Deliberated for months, the ordinance in question had a two-part amendment, one dealing with recreational vehicles and the other dealing with trash cans.

The first allows campers, trailers, and boats to be stored on a paved surface at an occupied residence year round, instead of only 8 months out of the year, as it had been. At the last minute, Mayor Tyson Hermes allowed language to be inserted into the amended ordinance that specified the residence where the vehicle was stored had to be occupied.

The second part allows trash cans to be put out for pick up at four pm instead of 6 p.m., and then the cans have to be taken back to within two feet of the garage after they have been emptied. The second reading of the ordinance will be in August.

Other notes:

Councilman John Dunhoft made the announcement that the Lion's Club will bring back its very popular festival next year on Memorial Day weekend. Dunhoft said the festival won't be quite as large but they will have the Kissel Brothers rides, and people can get a ride bracelet each night. 

Ric Bohl was presented with a 25 year pin from the Fire Chief for his service. Bohl and his young son said thank you, and Bohl attributed his successful 25 years to the understanding of his family for the 3 a.m. calls that made up his career.

Six members of the police force were recognized for their outstanding performance on the Police Officer Professional standards test which is a fitness standard that the Erlanger police have set as their standard. The police honored are Sergeant Jason Whaley, Detective Tom Loos, Officer Justin Auton, Sergeant TJ Selby, Sergeant Jon Sterling and Officer Aaron McNeil. "I would put them (the honorees) up against any in the country," said City Administrator Marc Fields, who used to be the police chief, and helped to initiate the fitness program in the department.

The business spotlight highlighted Sterling Cut Glass, located on Olympic Boulevard, and J. Brook Dyas, a third generation owner of the 113 year old company, came to the meeting to relate the history of the company.

Mayor Hermes presented Greg Engelman, Chief Financial Officer, with two awards, both state awards from the Government Finance Officer Association.

City Engineer Jim Viox announced the results of the opening of the bids for three concrete removal projects. JPS Construction was the low bid on all three projects, the first on Lambda for $84,951, the second on Division for $212,071.50, and the third around Commerce for $294,359.20.

A second ordinance was read for the first time which restricts the mayor's power of hiring and firing ordinary positions, not police or fire. Apparently two to three years ago the mayor had the power to fire people at will, and then an ordinance was changed to allow the mayor to fire with the consent of council, but since that stipulation blurred the lines of the jobs of legislative and executive departments, this ordinance was necessary to clear up the rules.

Finally, Fields praised the efforts of the police team of Asco, the dog, and Officer Chad Girdler who participated in the state contest for police canine teams, and out of 28 teams Erlanger's team took eighth place in the state.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Top photo: Mayor Tyson Hermes presents CFO Greg Engelman with two state awards

Slideshow Images & Captions: 
J. Brook Dyas talks about the history of Sterling Cut Glass, the business spotlight.