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Bad Girl Ventures Evolving to Better Meet Needs of Female Entrepreneurs

Bad Girl Ventures, the regional incubator for female-owned businesses, is evolving its curriculum to three different sets of classes.

After meeting with alumni of the program to discuss the curriculum, it was decided that making changes to the current program was important to help the organization meet the needs of its entrepreneurs.

“The takeaway was – this is going to be so much more beneficial to the Bad Girl. She will get exactly what she needs at whatever point of her business she happens to be,” said Nancy Aichholz, BGV Executive Director. “We listened to our previous Bad Girls and what we heard them saying was that the curriculum was great, but it was too ‘one size fits all.’ They really need a curriculum that is specific to where they are in their business startup cycle.”

The business education program begins with Phase 1: Explore, which is a fully structured seven-week program that will begin mid-September. The Explore phase is for first-time entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial-minded people looking for a career change, and anyone planning to start a potential business. Phase 2: Launch, is a nine-week course that includes mentoring and coaching and is aimed at current small business owners who are planning to launch their business in less than a year and are seeking early financing. Select winners will be awarded BGV business loans. Phase 3: Grow, includes live seminars and workshops that will take place once a month throughout the year. This program is for serial and established entrepreneurs who are already in business and ready to take it to the next level. It also targets those who want to take franchise, partners, sell their business, or create a bricks and mortar location.

“BGV has re-established its curriculum in order to help entrepreneurs focus on each phase of their business, by providing the adequate support from Conceptualization, Launch, to Growth. BGV has strategically placed itself as the only incubator in the greater Cincinnati and Northern-Kentucky region with a model that serves small businesses through all the challenges that arise from creating, launching, managing and sustaining a business,” said Rani Boukerrou, BGV Board Member.

Since 2010, BGV has helped more than 600 women either launch their own companies or learn how to start and run a business, and has helped secure more than $510,000 in loans. Right now, 80% of their loan recipients are running their own businesses, thanks to BGV.

Classes begin September 15th. To learn more, and sign up for the new curriculum, register online at Bad Girl Ventures Classes.

Staff report/Photo via Facebook