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After Another Resignation, Cold Spring Council Says, "We Need to Move On"

The City of Cold Spring had another department leader resign in June, it was revealed at the regularly-scheduled city council meeting at the Cold Spring Municipal Building on Monday night.

Councilwoman Lisa Cavanaugh brought up the issue during new business, saying she was disappointed that Mayor Mark Stoeber did not inform council until a week and a half after the resignation occurred. Cavanaugh said she found out about Public Works Supervisor Dave Rodgers’ resignation from a neighbor.

“Finding out from someone in the public, I was embarrassed,” Cavanaugh said. “It’s like you stand back and say ‘oh, really?’”

The City of Cold Spring has an ad-hoc personnel committee that does not have scheduled meetings, according to Stoeber. But Cavanaugh, a committee member since she was elected in 2012, said she has not been to a meeting of the committee because there haven’t been any.

Stoeber admits that he made a mistake in not informing council of the resignation sooner.

“That was just a misstep on my part,” Stoeber said. “I don’t mean to be causal about it, but I made a mistake.”

Rodgers’ resignation comes only months after former Cold Spring Mayor Nancy Bay resigned after facing criticism for firing the police chief, city attorney, and city administrator. Bay resigned in April and Stoeber, the former mayor before Bay’s election, was appointed to his old position.

Despite the personnel issues plaguing the city, Stoeber believes that the issues are slowing down and being fixed.

“It’s settled down,” Stoeber said. “My whole job was to settle it down and it has.”

Cavanaugh said all she and the city wants is to move on from these issues.

“I think that generally, people want to move on,” Cavanaugh said. “They just want to move on and forget about it. It was a very unfortunate and negative thing that happened and we need to move on.”

Other notes:

  • Cavanaugh is leading a committee to begin planning the city’s 75th anniversary in 2016. Cavanaugh, whose family roots are embedded in Cold Spring, said a community picnic, a cruise-in, a historical display, and individual citizen recognition will all take place during the event, including a concert by local band Second Wind. Food, games, and activities will also be a part of the event that will take place on June 25th, 2016.
  • City Council and Mayor Stoeber approved a bid by Rumpke trash and recycling to be the new trash pick service in Cold Spring, replacing the Indianapolis-based Best Way. The new Rumpke pick-up will take place beginning the first week of September.

Written by Clayton Castle, RCN contributor