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Oakley Farris: Let's Support Hotel Project by Sprucing Up Downtown Covington

Covington investor, philanthropist, and popular good guy Oakley Farris expressed his full support for The Hotel Covington project, now fully financed and taking shape in the former Coppins department store building on Madison Avenue that also served as Covington City Hall till 2013.

Farris issued a statement on Wednesday calling for full community support for the development, calling it a "keystone project" in downtown Covington. He offered a suggestion on how the community could show such support.

“Covington, a city of approximately forty thousand souls has a number of jewels in its crown, namely the RiverCenter towers thanks to one man, Bill Butler. And now here comes this young fellow from Australia, Guy van Rooyen and the Salyer Family who intend to make the City of Covington Bloom. Couldn’t we as a city come together with them to fill downtown with beautiful flowers? I believe that our sidewalks could reflect some of the wonderful growth that we see in our future.”, Farris said.

Mr. Farris would like to see downtown's sidewalks beautified with planters sponsored by local businesses. He believes that the new spirit of development in Covington should be matched by a new community spirit. Mr. Farris is actively seeking an organization which cares about Covington to spearhead this project.

“Ideas are wonderful, but unless they are implemented they are worthless”, Mr Farris said.

When news of the hotel's real estate closing this week, Farris took to The River City News Facebook page to suggest who might make for a special first guest. "I am looking forward to be the first complimentary guest with my wife, Eva G.," he wrote. "Just a small suite, please. Just think about it. A hillbilly from the hills of Kentucky with a wonderful wife of 65 years. I will need a lot of help to pull this off, so all the wonderful people I have known for all these years, please go to work on this project.

"Thank you all."

If you are interested in helping, Oakley Farris suggests calling Dan Groeneck at 859.292.2017 or 513.260.0055.

-Staff report