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Popular British Pop Band Coming to Covington

The British pop band The Vamps are on tour in the United States after releasing their debut album Meet the Vamps in April 2014, which included the hit song “Wild Heart”. The Vamps are hitting some of the nation’s biggest venues in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and yes, Covington, Kentucky. 

On August 2 at The Madison Theater, The Vamps will perform some of their hits from their album. They also have a second album in the works expected to be completed sometime around November.

The River City News chatted with lead guitarist James McVey about the tour so far and what inspired their music.

“It’s been really, really cool so far. We’re lucky we get to play across the country and it’s our first tour. It’s going really well and we would love to come back soon,” McVey said about touring. “This is the first time we’ve done a headline tour in America. It’s our debut headline tour.”

With the fame their first album has provided them, the second one should only elevate The Vamps in the pop music scene.

“Our first album took us a couple of years to make. It’s kind of an acoustic driven Indy pop album genre and we’ve just finished our second album which will be released in November,” he said.

As for their name, The Vamps capitalized on a globally popular fictional series that helped title the four men who have been compared to One Direction.

“We don’t really have a crazy story about it,” McVey said about the name. “I guess it was around the time that Twilight was happening and we were writing down loads of words and we wrote down the word Vamp and we thought it would be cool to put ourselves in front of it. There’s not a crazy story really, that’s just it.”

Two of their hit single videos are shot on the beach where The Vamps enjoyed working in such a leisurely location. 

“We like being on the beach. We were on the beach for "Somebody to You and “Oh, Cecilia”, but yeah it was just cool that we got to shoot at a really cool place like that.”

McVey said that for the first album, the band drew inspiration from pop sensation Bruno Mars and for their second unreleased album, they changed their instrument sounds a little to what some might consider comparable to bands MGMT and Imagine Dragons. They enjoy the work of other pop bands and worked to collaborate with other artists on their first album.

“We were very lucky to collaborate with Shawn Mendez and Demi Lovato on our first album,” McVey said. “I think that it is cool because the different musicians have different things that fit our songs. We would love to do it again for the next album. I’m sure once we finish it, we will see if anyone would like to collaborate with us.”

This is the first time any of the band members have set foot in the Bluegrass State and look forward to getting a taste of its culture.

“None of us have ever been to Kentucky, so we are really looking forward to being in a new place.”

Story by Bryan Burke, associate editor/Photo via Facebook