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Call of a Shotgun-Wielding Man Leads to Heavy Police Presence in Eastside

A call of a large group of people and someone wielding a shotgun in the areas of 13th Street and Trevor Streets between Scott Boulevard and Madison Avenue led to a heavy police presence in Covington's Eastside on Tuesday afternoon.

Whether anyone actually had a shotgun was not confirmed by police but witnesses reported seeing a shirtless black man with his underwear hanging out of his shorts fleeing the scene, armed.

Covington Police spokesperson and Assistant Chief Brian Steffen told The River City News that one person was arrested for fleeing the scene but the reports of a shotgun in the area were still being investigated.

According to Kenton County Detention Center records, Yawshura Isschar Jones, 19, was arrested at around the time of the incident. He is charged with second degree disorderly conduct and first degree fleeing or evading police on foot. He is scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday morning.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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