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They Grew Up Nearby but These Students Find New Home on NKU's Campus

Northern Kentucky University President Geoffrey Mearns greeted the incoming students on Tuesday evening as he and other school staff grilled and burgers and hot dogs to all in attendance on the plaza between Callahan Hall and Northern Terrace on the east side of campus.

Around 2,000 of the 15,000 NKU students live on campus, and many hungry students showed up for the welcome-back grill-out. Classes started Monday.

Three students in attendance live on campus even though they grew up in the region. Their reasons for choosing to live at NKU varied, though.

Reid Kline said that the commute from his parents’ home in Cincinnati was a regular hassle and that living on the quarters helped him save time on a daily basis.

“I actually commuted my first two years to the University here, and living on campus and knowing what commuting is like, traffic was always a problem. UC was pretty close to my house and traffic was pretty bad there, but trying to get through downtown Cincinnati around rush hour was a little difficult. I found myself waking up earlier and getting here two hours before my classes, so living on campus definitely helps me not only sleep a little bit more, but be a lot closer to the activities and not have to worry about driving back home or beating rush hour,” he said.

Kaitlin Findley likes that she is close to home when she wraps up her late evening on campus.

“For me, as a theater major I’m sometimes in the theater building until like 11. So it makes a lot more sense to live on campus and take that short bus ride than driving back home every night. I so very much like the environment here at Callahan. You get that feeling that you’re off campus even though you’re not. It’s just really nice to be in an environment rather than be at home.”

Danielle Hoffman likes the social aspect living on campus provides.

“I love to be able to get to know people. A lot of times, especially when you first start out here, your friends ask you to hang out here that night, and if I’m already here, then yeah sure, I’ll hang out versus if I’m already at home because my classes ended at noon, then I push it off and try to plan something ahead,” Hoffman said.

Story & photos by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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