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Opinion: Bevin Shows Stunning Ignorance on Key Issues

Hans Christian Andersen, of course, told the tale of two swindlers who came to a kingdom pretending to be weavers. The Emperor loved clothes, and the swindlers let it
be known that they could weave magnificent clothing that would become invisible to anyone who was unfit for office or who was unusually stupid.  

The Emperor thought this clothing the perfect tool to identify slackards. His advisers were sent to view the progress of the weaving, and when they could not see the finery, they chose to pretend they could.  

Smart men -- lest they reveal themselves as slackards.  

Here in Kentucky we have a candidate for Governor who appears to know what he is talking about. He is glib. He struts and frets and professes to know everything about everything. These past few months, however, Matt Bevin has displayed a shocking ignorance on some key issues.  

First, he appeared before some state retirees to address the pension crisis in Kentucky. When asked if he would commit to fully fund the “ARC,” he had to ask the
questioner what the “ARC” is.  Well, anyone with a passing knowledge of state pension issues knows that the ARC is the “actuarially (or annually) required contribution” needed to be contributed to the pension plan to keep it actuarially sound. This was a breathtaking lapse.  

More recently, Mr. Bevin told the State Chamber of Commerce that Kentucky teachers need to be involved in developing education standards. He was unaware that Kentucky teachers had, in fact, already done so. How could a candidate for Governor be so uninformed on “Common Core” standards?

Bevin has also stated that the state could save “hundreds of millions” of dollars if it shut down the state-run health insurance exchange (“Kynect”) and transfer insureds to the federal exchange. But, the state spends not one general fund dime on Kynect.  

Again, stunning ignorance on an issue Bevin himself has placed front and center.

Finally, when asked if he would attend a private forum sponsored by the coal industry, Bevin said this: “There’s things that are on my agenda and there’s things that are not on my agenda, and things that will be made aware to the outside world and some that won’t.” Positively inscrutable. This from a man who won’t reveal his tax returns
until after he is elected.  

At the end of the fable, as the Emperor proceeds through the town wearing the swindlers’ finery, a child was heard to exclaim:  “But he hasn’t got anything on!”  Neither has Matt Bevin.  He truly is unfit to be Governor.  

Mark Guilfoyle is a Crestview Hills lawyer who served as General Counsel to the Governor (1991-95) and as Budget Director and Secretary of the Governor’s Executive Cabinet (1994-95).