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Brave Baby Brings Pop Sound to Thompson House on Friday

Out of Charleston, South Carolina, the band Brave Baby comes to the area to perform at the Thompson House on this Friday.

Brave Baby released their second album recently titled Electric Friends on Hearts & Plugs Records. The release follows their 2012 debut Forty Bells which established the band as local pop in their hometown and launched a touring a schedule that has seen the band log countless miles on the road, playing over 150 shows to audiences across the U.S. 

Electric Friends was produced by drummer Wolfgang Zimmerman who also produces and serves as a director of sorts for a number of up-and-coming bands in Charleston’s burgeoning indie scene. It was recorded in the band’s storage unit-turned-studio in Charleston and in studios throughout the Carolinas.

This will be the third visit to Newport for Brave Baby as they have previously played at both the Southgate House and the Thompson House. 

“I love the whole Newport, Covington area. I think it’s a beautiful part of the country that I hadn’t really known about prior. I enjoy going there,” said lead vocalist Keon Masters.

The first record came out in January 2013 and they have toured steadily since their first album.

“We’re really excited to get our new album out. It’s always a process releasing an album, but it’s going to be fun. We’re looking forward to it,” Masters said. “I think we could play more shows. We definitely do tour often, but I think we would like to be touring more. I think the more your tour, the better you get, the better the show is, the tighter it gets. Every time we get back from a tour we always finish more solid and it’s a fun thing to do to be able to see different parts of the country and play music. It’s a great process.”

The band formed when the members found themselves working in familiar quarters with one another and eventually decided to team up to form their own band.  

“A lot of the guys knew each other from different projects and kind of ran in the same circles and we finally started doing music together in January/February 2012 and then the first album came out a year later. Just some guys that came from the same community,” said Masters.

Brave Baby was the name of one of their songs early on and the band name was up in the air, so they decided to go with the title of that song.

Their sound could perhaps be compared to popular bands like Modest Mouse or Of Montreal. 

“I think what Of Montreal does in their live show is unbelievable. I think we don’t necessarily take a page out of their book, but we definitely look at those guys to see what we can do differently in a live setting because they knock it out of the park,” he said. “A lot of us listen to older records. We appreciate newer bands too like My Morning Jacket. They do a great show and put out great records time and time again. There are a lot of big Michael Jackson fans in the band. I’m a big fan of The Band.”

Future plans for Brave Baby are to promote their newest album and continue to log the mileage touring around playing their songs.

“Our plans right now are to get the record out, tour as much as possible and make as many fans as possible, get Electric Friends in the hands of people, and continue the never-ending writing process,” Masters said. “The writing process is something that we try to keep perpetual. I think a lot of people try to write records at particular times. It’s like a muscle. You’ve got to keep doing it. I think it’s consistency in the writing culture and always creating new stuff. Ultimately, I think that’s the most important thing because that’s what elongates careers. We already have a lot of stuff going around in our noggins for the next batch of tunes.”

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor/Photo provided