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Florence, Erlanger, & Elsmere Seek to Create Unified Police Protection System

Florence City Council passed a resolution Tuesday night approving an inter-local agreement creating the Florence, Erlanger, and Elsmere United Police Protection system, or FEEUPPS.

"These three agencies constantly work with each other because of the boundaries," said Florence Police Chief John McDermond. "It makes it easier to use full police powers when crossing lines. This is not for everyday patrol, but when they are actively looking for someone and have to cross over the boundaries of another city."

While all cities have agreements that a police chase can come into other cities, apparently the red tape that accompanies the subsequent arrest is intense enough to cause interest in an inter-local agreement.

"In central Kentucky there are 20 agencies who have an inter-local agreement like this, and this agreement is modeled on theirs," explained Chief McDermond. "Erlanger has discussed this and I am not sure if they have passed their resolution, but Elsmere is a little behind because they have had quite a few events in their city recently. Anyway, once all three cities pass the resolution and the mayors sign off, it goes to the Attorney General, and he will sign it. Then it will be official, but I don't know when it will be. Eventually we would like to get all of Northern Kentucky into this."

In other business, Council approved a Municipal Order accepting the re-appointments of Marcus Carey, Daniel Cripe, Darryl Cummins, Robert F. Greene, Carolyn Lainhart, and Tom Quirk, and the appointment of Robert Sanders as member of the Northern Kentucky Regional Ethics Authority Enforcement Committee for a two year term, expiring on January 31, 2017.

Mayor Diane Whalen honored the Florence Aquatic swim and dive team, the Hammerheads, for their most recent achievement of being the NKSL Champions for 2015. In 2004 the swim team came into existence, and the dive team was added in 2006. In 2007 they won fifth place, and the following year the team placed fourth. They kept rising, placing third in 2009, and achieved first place in 2010. This year marks the sixth consecutive win for the team.

Karen Chesser, Deputy Superintendent for Boone County schools, came to the meeting to give Council an overview of the 2015 Strategic Plan. School officials have identified ten words, all beginning with C, that they will focus on to instill in the classrooms within five years. The three main goals of the program are Student Empowerment, World Class Education, and Resource Optimization. Starting this year, elementary schools will be offering languages to students based on the knowledge that the younger a student is, the easier they can learn a different language.

Also, the high schools will be offering early college, in conjunction with Gateway Community & Technical College, and some students will technically be able to graduate from high school while simultaneously earning an Associates' Degree. The plan is outlined in the May edition of What's Happening.

"We want to help kids plan the future," said Chesser. "For one tenth of the cost they can have all their general education out of the way."

There will be a public hearing on the tax rate on Friday at 4:30 pm. The tax rate, which City Coordinator Rick Lunnemann said was $2.46 per $1000 of value, is scheduled to stay the same. Mayor Whalen said proudly that the tax rate has stayed the same for the last eight years.

Whalen also announced that on Sunday morning teal ribbons will go up on Mall road to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer. They will stay up throughout the month of September.

She announced that people have been asking about the intersection that will allow access to the new Costco/Menards stores. There will be a full intersection on Mall Road that will allow total access to the stores. Costco is due to open in the middle of November.

Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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Members of the Aquatic Center swim and dive team with their trophies.
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