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Kroger Making $740,000 Investment in Covington Location

The Kroger grocery store on Madison Avenue in Covington is undergoing a remodel.

The location, where the current building was built in the early 1980's, is seeing a $740,000 upgrade by the Cincinnati-based grocer.

"We are giving the store a fresh look," Kroger spokesperson Patty Leeseman told The River City News. Among the changes: new decor and fresh paint; new cases, bins, and lighting in the produce section; new cases in the deli and bakery section; and new cases for the frozen grocery and cold beverages sections. Additionally, the store will finally have a self-checkout option. The company is putting six self-checkout registers inside the store.

The upgrades should be complete by the end of October, Leeseman said.

"We are continuously looking to better serve our customers and improve their shopping experience. We are very excited about the new look our Madison Avenue Kroger is getting and believe our customers will be, too," Leeseman said.

As other Kroger stores are constructed or remodeled in other local cities, the Madison Avenue location has remained less attractive and somewhat outdated in comparison. It has frequently been criticized on local social media for selection and appearance. The company, Leeseman said, is always listening to customers and their feedback.

"Not too long ago we added more selection of products, including some organic produce per customers' requests," she said. "We hope this remodel will meet the community's needs and provide an improved shopping experience."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher