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Report: Woman Pulled Gun at NKU Because Someone Was in Seat She Wanted

A woman remains in the Campbell Co. Detention Center after allegedly pulling a handgun and pointing it at someone on the campus of Northern Kentucky University.

In a news release on Thursday, NKU stated that a student was arrested after pulling a gun that was reported to be inoperable. In a Campbell County courtroom on Friday morning, though, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said that it was a fully functioning weapon. Jaylin Nicole Johnson, 23, pulled the .380 handgun and pointed at someone that was sitting in a space Johnson wanted, WLWT reported the prosecutors as saying.

No shots were fired but that's possibly because the loaded weapon was jammed, prosecutors said.

Johnson is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, menacing, and second degree disorderly conduct and is being held on $5,000 bond. According to the Campbell County Detention Center, she lives in Covington.

On Friday, in a message to the campus community, NKU President Geoffrey Mearns credited the campus police department for a safe outcome. "I also want to express my deepest appreciation for the NKU officers who responded so quickly to this incident," Mearns wrote. "Their training and professionalism produced a safe outcome." Also in the message, Mearns reminded students to use 911 when they spot suspicious or dangerous activity or to utilize the blue light stations on campus.

“Our University Police Department responded swiftly and effectively, as our officers are trained to do,” said University spokeswoman Amanda Nageleisen in a news release. “We are thankful for their professionalism and dedication.”

Some students were briefly evacuated from the library as a precaution, but the campus community was never in immediate danger, the university stated.

The University’s emergency notification system, Norse Alert, was not deployed due to the rapid nature of the police response.

University policy calls for the system to be activated when the University determines that a serious threat exists and the campus community must take immediate action to remain safe and secure. The campus community was notified of the matter via email after officers’ initial fact-gathering process was complete.

-Staff report

Photo: NKU campus and Jaylin Johnson (via Campbell Co. Detention Center)