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New Covington Art Gallery Announces September Shows

This morning, the recently opened Pique art gallery in Covington announced its schedule of shows for September. Here is a list of what's coming this month at its new space on Pike Street: 

Main Gallery: SuperNova Sequentials, works by Cosmic Moustache Comics and Torc Press 

Community Gallery: Climbing the Steps of INC 

September 3-October 15

Opening reception September 3, 7:03-10:58p

Live music and art performance in the Main Gallery by The Dr. Orphyus Project September 4. 7:49-8:34p. $7 entry fee (BYOB). Proceeds go to the artist and the space for more amazing opportunities in the future. 

Main Gallery: SuperNova Sequentials 

Get ready for Cincy Comic Expo and Cincinnati Comic Con by attending one of the opening events for Pique Art Space’s September show, SuperNova Sequentials. Clint Basinger, creator of Cosmic Moustache Comics, and Joseph Morris, creator of Torc Press, merge their mighty comic creating powers for SuperNova Sequentials. Journey into their wildly creative world filled with unique sci-fi, fantasy, pulp, and super heroes. You'll see original comic pages, process art, and new cosmic painting collaborations.  

The Dr. Orphyus Project is a one-man death metal jazz fusion band. Established in ’06, the DOP has worked tirelessly to create original music and put on one of the most unique live shows ever experienced. Watch Joseph Morris as he creates new artwork during The Dr.Orphyus Project performance. 

Community Gallery: Climbing the Steps of INC 

Join local artist Jonathan Hancock as he provides a looking glass into the world of INC. The International Noise Conference takes place every year in Miami, Florida, at the beginning of February. This exhibition documents the years 2013 and 2014. A timeline of INC's weeklong conference exposes viewers to the underground performers. Progressing through the exhibit, the portraits give notoriety to performers that remain unnamed.  

Staff report/Photo via Facebook


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