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Rick Robinson: Putting Morehead on the Map

MOREHEAD, KY - Kim Davis, the Queen of Morehead has found her Morehead lifestyle under attack by same sex couples flocking to Eastern Kentucky in search of Morehead. Never has so much attention been placed on Morehead. But due to Davis’ refusal to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples, all conversation seemingly revolves around Morehead.

Despite the uproar, Davis seems to be literally basking in the glow of her devotion to Morehead. “It’s great for Morehead,” said Davis. “All my marriages, and I guess divorces, were all about Morehead in one way or another. Still, whoever thought I could bring this kind of national attention to Morehead.” 

Wilfred T. Fortenberry, President of the local Chamber of Commerce was not as pleased. “If people want to talk about Morehead, I’d rather they do so in private,” he said. “There is no need to have all this discussion of Morehead out where everyone can hear about it. It just ain’t right to talk about Morehead that way.”

Some disagree with Fortenberry. Dr. Sigmund Kortz a behavioral psychologist believes all couples should be talking about Morehead. “Morehead is important for traditional married couples, too,” he said. “I know I talk to my wife about Morehead nearly every night and sometimes twice on Sunday.”

Because of the debate on Morehead, national attention has never been more focused on Morehead.  “I fully support Morehead,” said CNN‘s Anderson Cooper. “In fact, I need to get out of my office and find Morehead in the worst kind of way.” 

Cooper’s cable news colleague, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, however believes the media focus on Morehead is overblown. “I’d much rather do something about the Licking,” she said in reference to the nearby northern flowing tributary for the Ohio River. “Now the Licking – I much prefer that over Morehead.”

A Federal Court hearing on Thursday will decide whether Morehead remains the center of same sex unions. 

Rick Robinson is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University (not Morehead State University) and lives just a short drive from Big Bone Lick. Find out more about his award winning novels by going to

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