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JAILED: Rowan Co. Clerk Ordered to Jail for Contempt of Court

Rowan Co. Clerk Kim Davis has been ordered to jail and was escorted out of a federal courtroom in Ashland by U.S. Marshals on Thursday afternoon, according to reporters at the scene.

Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses since the June decision by the United States Supreme Court that allowed same-sex marriage nationwide.

The Democrat said that she would continue to refuse to issue licenses to any couples because of "God's law".

A resolution that could have prevented jail time for Davis was rejected by the embattled clerk:

The judge later sought a resolution to keep Davis out of jail after all. He overruled an objection from her lawyer, who argued that her six deputy clerks cannot act against her authority. And he called each one before him to declare whether they intend to follow the law. All but the clerk’s son, Nathan Davis, promised to comply.

The judge said Nathan Davis’ position wouldn’t matter, and that his mother could go free as long as she promised not to interfere with issuing of marriage licenses to all couples. But Kim Davis rejected the offer, her attorneys later said.

With that, the hearing ended, and the saga was sure to continue Friday, as gay and lesbian couples vowed to return to the Rowan County clerk’s office yet again in hopes that the deputy clerks would keep their promises.

Bunning said it would set up a “slippery slope” to allow an individual’s ideas to supersede the courts’ authority.

Davis has found support this week from prominent Republicans in Kentucky, including Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, and Senate President Robert Stivers.

Her situation has also spawned a parody Twitter account based on a worker in Davis's office. "Sit Next to Kim Davis" (@nexttokimdavis) now has more than 18,000 followers in just two days of existence.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Staff report