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Accused Heroin Dealer Convicted in Kenton County

An accused heroin dealer was convicted in Kenton County Circuit Court.

When sentenced in October, Howard Williams could face more than 8 years in prison.

In November 2014, a paid informant working for narcotics detectives on the Covington Police Department's D Team purchased what was believed to be heroin from Williams, 38. Undercover officers observed the sale.

Shortly after the transaction, the substance was sent to the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab for testing but no controlled substances were found. Turns out, the informant had been ripped off. In December, the same informant was sent again to Williams to make a purchase, only this time after testing the substance was found to be heroin.

Detectives observing the transaction identified Williams as the dealer.

The same informant was sent back to Williams again in February and this time an arrest was made, even though yet again the substance had turned out not to be heroin. Williams was charged with first degree trafficking in a controlled substance (heroin) for the one sale that tested positive as well as trafficking in a simulated controlled substance for the two rip-off sales.

Williams' opted to go to trial and appeared before Judge Kathleen Lape on August 25. Assistant Kenton Co. Commonwealth's Attorney Casey Burns presented testimony from three detectives and evidence analysts. Following two days of testimony, the jury returned a guilty verdict on both charges.

After hearing testimony about Williams' prior convictions for drug trafficking in Ohio, the jury found the defendant to be subject to enhanced penalties for being a repeat offender and recommended sentences of 8 and a half years, and 8 months.

Williams returns to court for sentencing on October 6.

-Staff report (with info from Kenton Co. Commonwealth's Attorney's Office)

Photo: Howard Williams (via Kenton Co. Detention Center)

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