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Fun in Ludlow: Wiffle Ball Tournament Swings for 100 Teams, Music & Bonfire

Even though baseball season is coming to a close and the Cincinnati Reds have been irrelevant for months now in terms of a postseason chance, it is never too late to play wiffle ball. 

In Ludlow on October 10, the first ever Curveball Classic is scheduled to be a great day of fun and festivities when the one-day wiffle ball tournament is played at Lemker Field on Elm Street across from Ludlow High School.

“It’s a family friendly wiffle ball tournament run by the Ludlow Civic Club, so the proceeds are going to the Civic Club to help with parks and enhance the Ludlow experience for all residents,” said tournament organizer Matt Williams.

Teams are made up of five players and the cost to play is $100 per team. There are two separate divisions to differentiate the skill level and seriousness of the teams.

“There is a fun league, where you just want to have fun, and a competitive league if you want to win,” Williams said.  “The winners get a trophy.  This is the first year, so we’re just kind of easing into it, but we will have Eli’s Barbecue and Fireside Pizza food trucks will be here. We will have microbrews there as well.”

Williams organized the tournament in hopes to attract families and individuals who may not come out for other events in the city.  Williams has organized other fun things to do like music festivals but the Curveball Classic is a way for him and others to assess if the residents there respond to an alternate city activity.

In addition to co-operating the Folk School Coffee Parlor on Elm Street, Williams is also an organizer of the Whispering Beard Folk Festival in Friendship, Indiana. With the wiffle ball tournament, he is shooting for something different.

“It seems like music festivals are all over the place now, so we’re just trying to do something a little different," he said. "We will still have music there. We haven’t announced the band yet, but we will have a musical act there. It’s a different type of event to get people involved and do things a little differently than what Ludlow was used to. We want to bring weird, quirky things out.”

The whole tournament will be completed on that Saturday and after all of the games have been played, another event is planned to help bring the night to a close.

“Another thing we’re trying to do is a bonfire at the end of the night in the park as well. So it will be a band with bonfire, music, and beer at the end of the night after the tournament,” Williams said.

There is a limit to the amount of teams that can enter the tournament. Williams said that the organizers are limiting the event to 100 teams and that he hopes to see the fun bracket get as much attention as the competitive bracket that might be made up of the hardcore wiffle ball heads of the area.

I know that there are some super-competitive wiffle ball leagues and they are more than welcome to join and we can use them obviously, but we’re trying to make it more like a fun family type of thing,” he said. “Hopefully the fun bracket fills up more than the competitive bracket. Not that we wouldn’t welcome a competitive bracket, but the whole idea behind it is to get out and have fun and move around”

Those interested in forming a team and registering for the tournament can visit or go to Folk School Coffee Parlor in Ludlow to fill out the registration form. All the registration forms are to be mailed in and checks should be made out to the Ludlow Civic Club.  

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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