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Wellness Wednesday: Creatine Isn't Just for Bodybuilders

If you've ever been around a gym or know someone who’s a gym rat, chances are you've heard the word "creatine."

Creatine should not to be confused with creatinine, however. See here or the excerpt below:

“There is some confusion regarding the kidneys with the metabolite (waste product) of creatine, called 'creatinine', which is also a diagnostic criteria for kidney problems. This is a case of a supplement giving a 'false positive' and is in no way harmful, and can be read up more on our creatine disambiguation section.”  

In fact, there are hundreds of studies showing the benefits of creatine for energy and strength.

What does it do?    

Creatine is a supplement that we can take to recycle cellular energy. It is already found in our body as a part of an energy system, but supplementation can help. You won't feel energized like aafter a cup of coffee, but you may feel overall better energy with physical exertion and/or muscle building. There are also studies that it can be protective for the brain and nervous system

Who uses it?  

Weightlifters, grandmothers, and anyone looking to build strength and/or retain muscle.  

How much do I take?

Don't worry about the so-called "loading phase". 2-5 grams per day will suffice to help with muscle power output.


Stick with creatine monohydrate. It's the simplest and most studied form. Don't let the salesmen at vitamin stores upsell you on the latest and greatest product. Usually, a month's supply will run you around $5 or less.

How to take it?

You can get it in powder or pill form. I like to mix it in a drink or smoothie. It's basically tasteless, but if you don't mix it well it can be a little gritty. Suck it up. I prefer to take it prior to a workout or any type of labor.


Creatine helps with cell volumization and hydration. That being said, you need to drink lots of water with it. Obviously, I'm not a doctor and you should discuss anything you take with your doctor. However, creatine remains remarkably safe for many people

- Joe Daniels is the owner of SwingThis Kettlebell and Strength Studio in Latonia. Questions for Joe? E-mail him at [email protected].

Bored with bodybuilding after reaching the national level in 2009, Joe Daniels opened SwingThis Kettlebell and Strength. From becoming an IKFF Coach operating in an 800 sq. ft. studio, the benefits of a minimal yet highly effective approach to fitness has grown to a 5,500 sq. ft. functional training facility within four years. 

Focusing on injury prevention, competitive kettlebell sport training and stress relief, SwingThis Kettlebell and Strength has hosted seminars and trained hands-on with some of the top athletes and coaches of the kettlebell world. Their philosophy has remained the same: You have to enjoy your training at all stages. Live your life. Your training should make your life outside that time more enjoyable and fulfilling.