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5 Part of Latest Class of Ludlow Sports Hall of Fame

Ludlow native and former superintendent of Ludlow Schools Jon Draud was among the latest class inducted into the Ludlow Sports Hall of Fame this week. Draud was listed under a new category, Legends. This special recognition is given to those for their overall achievements and do not necessarily reflect athletic prowess.

Draud—currently a Kenton County Commissioner—was superintendent for 19 years in Ludlow. He was also Commissioner of Education for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and a state representative. 

“I’m certainly honored to get that award, particularly growing up there and everything,” he said before Thursday's ceremony in an interview with The River City News.

From kindergarten to grade 12, Draud attended Ludlow schools and came back later as the superintendent and left that post in 1998. 

“I was given credit for really improving the quality of the school district,” he said. “When I came there, they were in a lot of turmoil, and we had the benefit of the finance lawsuit in Kentucky. We were one of the districts in Northern Kentucky that brought that finance lawsuit in 1990 with the Kentucky Education Reform Act, and for that we had more money to where we could attract the best teachers and as a result we had a lot of good teachers, a lot of high test scores, so I was really proud of the achievements of the school district. I think that’s why they’re probably recognizing me.”

The turnaround at Ludlow Schools was a work in progress for Draud and the other school staff members at that time.

“It didn’t happen overnight. It took about seven or eight years to really make progress, but I was there a long time so we should have made a lot of progress.”

Draud, in wheelbarrow, pushed by then-Dayton Superintendent Jack Moreland in 1982 (via Kenton Co. Library

Draud is part of the Holmes High School Hall of Fame for his part in coaching the state championship baseball team in 1963, his first year coaching.

Draud’s son, Scott Draud, was a standout basketball player in the region when he played for Highlands in the 1980s and held the region’s scoring records before Dixie’s Brandon Hatton broke it two seasons ago. Scott Draud later played at Vanderbilt and became an all-SEC player there.

Other members inducted into the Ludlow Hall of Fame are Bill Bising, class of 1955 for football and basketball; James Young, class of 1960 for football, basketball and baseball; Bob Young, class of 1966 for football, basketball and baseball; and Charles Lindeman, class of 1991 for football and track.

The inductees were part of a ceremony and dinner in the cafeteria at Ludlow High School on Thursday evening. 

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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