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Ludlow Considers Drug Hotline, Approves Creation of Recreation Commission with Covington

Atypical of the standard Ludlow City Council meeting, which tend to be poorly attended, flocks of people filled the pews of the Municipal Building chambers on Thursday evening, many of them children, to talk about their organization at the meeting, but when it came time for them to speak, City Attorney Jeff Otis reminded the crowd that the public comments made in City Council business meetings can only pertain to the agenda items, and since the Ludlow Youth Football Program was not on the agenda, it was not a permitted topic of discussion.

After hearing that announcement, many in the crowd left, and those who stayed never voiced their opinions on any issue. Mayor Ken Wynn instructed those interested to come to the next city council caucus meeting where they would then be able to discuss Ludlow Youth Football. 

The traffic light at the intersection of Carneal and Elm Streets is currently inoperable due to an auto accident two weeks ago. A new pole is required to get the traffic light back up and running. The City is exploring ways to install a temporary pole before a more permanent set up can be manufactured and delivered, an estimated 12-16 week time frame.

The Ludlow Police Department is testing out a drug hotline that will bypass the 911 call center and be answered directly by a Ludlow Police Canine Unit which can quickly mobilize to better deter drug crime in the city. Police Chief Scott Smith said that the average drug transaction takes less than five minutes and that speed of response is the key to thwarting drug activity in Ludlow. He said that often, 911 calls are fielded in Cincinnati before Ludlow Police are called which delays their potential response time. Ludlow Police expect there to be an available Canine Unit on duty six days a week.

A resolution was passed that approves the creation of the Sleepy Hollow Recreational Use Commission. This commission is part of an interlocal agreement with the City of Covington to form a coalition between the two cities in order to make renovations to the incinerator building in Devou Park. In previous meetings, there was some concerns raised from council members about potential grant money being accepted for future projects that benefits one city but not the other. Attorney Jeff Otis clarified the issue of grants and the matching stipulations that come with them for city council.

"The coalition, if it applies for funds as a coalition, then both parties of the coalition have to kick in money to match the grants or other funding. However, in the event that the coalition does not want to utilize grant funding that may be available to the coalition, but one of the cities like Ludlow does, then Ludlow is responsible for the match. Covington or the coalition does not have to kick in on the match,” Otis explained.

Like many other cities in Northern Kentucky, Ludlow approved a resolution to authorize Mayor Wynn to enter into an interlocal agreement with Sanitation District 1 for participating in the Private Sewer Lateral Improvement Program. The program allows SD1 to perform work on defective sewer laterals beneath public roadways that may be contributing to a visible pavement failure, building backup, or sewer overflow. 

Second Sight Spirits and the Northern Kentucky Fencing Academy are teaming up to throw an event called Pirate Day on Saturday September 19 from 12 - 5 p.m.  

Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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