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Incubator for Female-Owned Businesses Celebrates 5 Years with New Program

Bad Girl Ventures, the regional incubator for female-owned businesses, has a lot to celebrate. The non-profit is celebrating five years with the launch of an evolved three-phase curriculum. The inaugural EXPLORE class kicks off on September 15. The nine-week program takes participants on a journey to discover their entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Whenever setting off on any journey, proper preparation is the key to successfully getting where you are going. Much like a good GPS, the EXPLORE, LAUNCH, GROW options offered now by Bad Girl Ventures will ensure that the female entrepreneur properly sets her course, has access to high quality resources along the way, and best of all - enjoys the trip,” said Nancy Aichholz, BGV Executive Director.

More than 200 female entrepreneurs and potential new business owners expressed interest in the new curriculum. That’s a dramatic increase over the roughly 80-100 women who applied to the two class sessions per year in the past. Whether an EXPLORE participant has no business experience, has formerly owned a business, or is a highly educated corporate executive, the course is designed to establish or re-establish the basic quantitative and qualitative metrics needed to succeed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

BGV has strategically placed itself as the only incubator in the greater Cincinnati and Northern-Kentucky region with a model that serves small businesses through all the challenges that arise from creating, launching, managing, and sustaining a business. Since 2010, BGV has helped more than 650 women either launch their own companies or learn how to start and run a business, and has made loans of more than $550,000. Right now, 80% of their loan recipients are running their own businesses, thanks to BGV.

“One of the best attributes of the Bad Girl Ventures classes is the camaraderie and support from other female entrepreneurs, our staff, our BGV Board of Directors, and our very successful, talented facilitators, coaches and mentors,” Aichholz said.

To learn more about upcoming classes, register online at Bad Girl Ventures Classes.

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