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Op-Ed: Teen Wants to See Covington's Riverfront Improved

The following Letter To The Editor is written by Benjamin Bonfilio who is working on achieving his communications merit badge for the Boy Scouts, something that requires him to write to a newspaper, expressing an opinion. His family operates Frank's Old Town Cafe on Pike Street in downtown Covington. 

My name is Benjamin Bonfilio.

I spent all of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati and realized the cool things they have done along the river. It got me thinking… Why not Covington?

Why has Covington not done anything along the waterfront to attract people? I started asking people around Covington, what would get you down to the riverfront in Covington? A lot of people had the same responses: restaurants, kid-friendly activities, walkways, movie nights, bike trails, etc.

My next move was to set up an appointment at City Hall and see what they had planned. I met up with assistant city manager Larisa Sims and went over the phases they had planned to start over the next few years. The things that they planned were bike trails, walk trails, benches, special lamps, and restaurants.

After the meeting with Mrs. Sims I was excited to see how it all came together, but at the same time I wondered, does Covington have the time (10 years) to wait? What if they started with human board games painted on the ground or activities to get people down on the river, a movie night with concession stands and balloon guys or games set up to get people down to the area?

I think it would be a good idea if they start small first then work their way up.

-Benjamin Bonfilio